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Thursday, March 23, 2006


"And then one night a few weeks ago in what will be one of my most cherished memories of parenthood, Jon gave me the most valuable gift a wife and mother could ever hope for: validation. Our babysitter went out of town and for an entire week he didn’t get his usual brief break in the afternoon to work on projects. By the fourth day he started to look a little haggard, and by the fifth night his right eyebrow was twitching. The minute-to-minute upkeep of that kid was wearing him down, and on the sixth night when she refused to eat any of the six different things he had made her for dinner the tiny threads holding together his sanity snapped. My husband, The Patient One in the Relationship, finally gave into his frustration and yelled, “HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO PLAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?”"

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